Brad Robison, M.D.

Founder and Co-Author of “The Shack Study Guide”

A Southeast Missouri native, Sacred Space Founder, Brad Robison, owns and operates Brad Robison, M.D., and Associates, a child and adolescent psychiatry practice. Brad established Sacred Space Ministries in 2013 with the hopes of introducing a broader audience to a phenomenon he noticed while creating space in his practice: when an atmosphere of respect and value is reciprocated, God shows up, makes the space sacred, and life is transformed. Brad and Paul Young have developed a relationship over the last few years. It has been a privilege to co-author The Shack Study Guide, an in-depth guide to a healing journey of life transformation based on Paul’s best selling book and upcoming movie, The Shack.


Jo Pincosy

Intern Director

A 20-year veteran facilitator and leader in outdoor ministry and counseling settings, Jo has been with Sacred Space since its inception. Jo thrives as an event organizer and program designer, facilitating instinctively through encouragement, support and hospitality. Jo delights in authentic community and mentoring others on their journey.


Jeremy Pincosy

Administrative Director

Jeremy is equipped with a Masters in Experiential Education as well as over 10 years of experience in education settings and executive leadership roles. Jeremy is truly a master at joining God in creating intensely experiential and sometimes wonderfully uncomfortable growth opportunities.


AZ Pincosy

Director of All Things

AZ is the 10 month old daughter of Jo and Jeremy. You may have opportunity to interact with her at the intern house or on retreats. She humbles us and melts our hearts. She has been gifted to join God in turning the most mundane created-world scared space moments into truly sacred space experiences with God.