Overview of Sacred Space – Our perspective on life’s circumstances defines our experience of it. Are painful experiences interpreted as hurtful? Or illuminating? Or both? Explore how Sacred Space for one person may actually be Scared Space for another person.

Personhood – What if we are more than our biology and the complicated chemical reactions of our mind’s psychology. What if we are also spiritual?

Group Development – A group goes through predictable cycles as long as it exists as a group. Explore the group development process and how leaders can smooth and encourage transitions.

Conflict and Forgiveness – Discover risks and benefits of the 5 conflict styles and why identifying and acknowledging conflict is the first step towards forgiveness.

Boundaries and Safety – Explore how and why we establish boundaries and the nature of healthy invitations into relationship.

Externalization – There are layers of truth and twisted truths within each person. By utilizing the layers of listening, we begin to uncover each layer and discover the “why” behind our actions.

Emotions – On the voyage of life, our emotions are like crew members of our ship. Each member has a role and a voice that can dominate the ship or be subdued into disuse. By identifying, validating and understanding our crew members and their habits, we give the captain the tools needed to run a tight ship.