You started off so well. You built this from the ground up with extreme intention and a quick sensitivity to the next step.

So much of the foundation has been laid and many aspects are running smoothly. There’s a measure of success and some accolades from those you serve.

You’d like this to build towards your big dream, but your momentum seems to be slowing and you notice some tensions are growing. Meetings can be stressful and it’s tempting to avoid them. There are competing ideas and it’s tough to slog through and accomplish anything without alienating someone. The hardest thing is that you’ve been in it so long now that you aren’t sure what normal is. In fact, you may have concluded that there is no “normal.”

Normal. Predictable. As we push forward, leading our team into the unknown ahead, predictable and normal are worth their weight in gold, especially when they benefit the cause. During this retreat, Sacred Space facilitators will lead sessions outlining normal and predictable group processes. As a leader, knowing what comes next is essential. Imagine if your whole team was able to prepare for and embrace the difficult stages to come?

Drawing from over 60 years of group dynamics research and decades of experience facilitating and leading powerful groups, Sacred Space instructors will describe the predictable cycles that all groups encounter and help identify the conflict styles each of your team member defaults to. Armed with an understanding of each other and the fact that this is normal, your team will be equipped to face the challenges ahead.

Sample Schedule

Session 1: Group Development

A group goes through predictable cycles as long as it exists as a group. Explore the group development process and how leaders can smooth and encourage transitions.

Session 2: Conflict and Forgiveness

Discover risks and benefits of the 5 conflict styles and why identifying and acknowledging conflict is the first step towards forgiveness and progress.

Session 3: The Risks and Glorious Benefits of Conflict

Discover why healthy organizations have lots of small conflicts rather than a few very large conflicts.

Session 4: Applied Conflict

Face a variety of real team conflicts with the careful guidance and mediation of a Sacred Space Facilitator.

This training series may be offered on-site or in a retreat setting.