This Retreat runs much like Papa ran his “retreat” for Mack in William P. Young’s The Shack. We do this in three primary ways: touching on themes in the Shack, having plenty of conversation with God, and providing plenty of experiential entry points along the way. Read the blog post.

Themes in the Shack

During the retreat this fall, we followed a theme found in the book where Mack receives an invitation to meet God at the Shack. Each participant worked to identify what kind of invitation God was putting before them in life. Other themes included your “Shack” as a place of pain and also God’s healing touch, discovering our identity and more.

Conversations with God

During Your Healing Journey (YHJ) retreats, we make sure to make room for plenty of conversation with God. People are transformed when they interact with God. Through solo times, worship, debriefing and prayer, participants have the opportunity to interact with and hear Him.

Experiential Entry Points

Each YHJ Retreat will incorporate a few different experiential elements that act as ‘handles’ to discuss the themes and important turns that life gives us.

For example, the fall retreat included a beautiful hike through the Ozarks that ended at the top of a stunning bluff overlooking the Jacks Fork river. We explored the theme of God’s invitation by giving one to the group: “Who would like to rappel over this cliff-edge?”

These entry-points are a living analogy and a setting for natural and deep conversation.