Shack Impact?

Who believes your experiences with God even when you’re not sure yourself?

What should I write about for my first blog on Sacred Space Ministries new website? Should I talk about The Shack movie, set to release on March 3? Should I talk about The Shack Study Guide, I had the privilege of writing with Paul Young, which is available nationally in conjunction with the movie edition of The Shack?

God has invited us to join Him in amazing ways that we never dreamed of when Sacred Space Ministries started in 2013. Yes, we will talk about how the study guide developed and how it is impacting many who are on their own healing journey to their Shack in future blogs.

When I first wrote the study guide several years ago, I wrote it for myself and my family. God is still using it to impact and guide me. As I began thinking about this blog, I had just been teaching at a local church from The Shack Study Guide chapter 18, question 5, which is as follows:

“Mack smiled as he listened to Willie rant. If he had few other memories, he did remember this man cared about him, and just having him near made him smile. Mack was suddenly startled to realize that Willie had leaned down very close to his face.

“Seriously, was he there?” he whispered, then quickly looked around to make sure no one was within earshot.”

“5: Who makes you smile just having them near? Who believes your experiences with God even when you’re not sure yourself? Take time to talk with them about things deep inside you this week.”

I have been blessed to have many wonderful people in my life, but the three I want to introduce you to are Paula Robison, Joanna Pincosy and Jeremy Pincosy. These are the people who make up the leadership team at Sacred Space Ministries. They are the ones who, for three and a half years, have walked this journey with me. They make me smile just having them near. And, they are the ones who believe our experiences with God that have led us to this place. Thank you team. You are truly amazing. God has pulled a uniquely talented team of wonderful people together here. I am excited to join them in this creative dance with God.