Internship Components

Four components make up the pillars of the internship experience: Community, Mentorship, Training and Service.


Interns live in community at the Sacred Space House and integrate into the larger community through service in the partner organizations, local churches and connection to spiritual and professional mentors.


Interns are paired with professional and spiritual mentors during the term and practice mentorship during their service with the partner organizations.


Sacred Space offers trainings to the community throughout the year, developing understanding about communication, conflict, relationships, identity and more.


Sacred Space interns, partners and mentors serve in the community at partner organizations like Prodigy Leadership Academy, The Knead and City Church during the semester-long term. Interns will also participate and assist in Your Healing Journey Retreats and Conferences.

Participants explore group dynamics through experiential learning.

Program Benefits

  • Room and board at the intern house are covered. (Interns may raise support to cover other personal expenses.)
  • Develop interpersonal skills through understanding Reflective Listening, Group Development, Conflict Management, Organizational Leadership, and more.
  • Develop introspective skills through understanding personal rhythms, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, Personality Type indicators, Conflict Styles, Psycho-Social-Emotional-Spiritual Models, and more.
  • Mentorship is free for interns.
  • Develop spiritual understanding through spiritual disciplines, community life, mentorship, intern study, and more.
  • Develop a deepened understanding of personal career path and life mission.
  • Develop foundational relationships with professionals in fields of interest.( See partner organizations.)


Maintaining and developing connections in the larger community is important. Interns are expected to practice weekly rest and worship in the community. A typical week for an intern may include:

  • Intern-team meeting, partner-team meeting.
  • Personal debriefing, mentor debriefing.
  • 20+ hours of service with partner organization.
  • House dinners, house chores.
  • Intern readings and assignments, spiritual disciplines.