In that same office, where I sat a couple of months ago distracted and inspired by a lone bald eagle soaring on the wind currents, I have spent countless hours over the last twenty plus years listening to stories of life. I am thankful for my patients and their families. It is a privilege to be, in some small way, a part of your story. You have taught me well. One of the things I have learned is that "identity", answering the question, "Who am I?" or "Who am I suppose to be?" is a central theme in our life stories.    The lone bald eagle soaring on the wind currents which spoke to us about “independent verses dependent freedom” also has something to say about “identity.” As I watched the eagl... Read More
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  I was sitting at my desk in my office the other day working on the never-ending pile of paperwork. In the sun-drenched window to my left, something caught my eye. It was one of those beautiful spring days with vibrant colors, green grass in the pasture, and a rich blue sky with puffy white crowds. That by itself would be enough to distract me from my paperwork, but what had caught my attention was the lone bald eagle soaring on the wind currents. This scene was not just distracting, it was inspiring. I sat and took it in for quite some time.   Over the next few days, I reflected on that scene. What was it that resonated so deep within me? What did I see? As I am moving through the middle stages of my life and career with the ty... Read More
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All Climbers Fall
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! In our culture, guarantees are gold. You must make them and declare yourself with certainty. If you don’t, who will trust you or your product? Every selection comes with a guarantee of some sort, whether we are choosing politicians, entertainment, products or services.   The hero in our predictable movie promises the small child, “I will always protect you.” And he does. The love interest entreats our hero, “Promise you will come back alive!” to which he confidently proclaims, “I will.” And he does.    It’s nice to watch the good guys win, even and especially if they do so against all odds through terrific and impossible feats of in... Read More
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Greetings Friends, Thank you for your interest in and support of what God is doing in our lives and the lives He brings us into contact with. He has invited us to participate in the Sacred Space of loving relationship with Him and one another. In that Sacred Space, we love, listen, ask questions, agree, disagree and sit with uncertainty. In Sacred Space, we do not have to be right or wield truth. "Truth has a name." He is not just out in the shop behind The Shack but He meets me every morning and we talk. Many mornings He invites friends like, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, the apostle Paul and Isaiah to our little meeting. Sometimes he invites C.S. Lewis and others including Paul Young to the conversation. We talk, we laugh, we cry&he... Read More
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Shack Impact?
Who believes your experiences with God even when you’re not sure yourself? What should I write about for my first blog on Sacred Space Ministries new website? Should I talk about The Shack movie, set to release on March 3?  Should I talk about The Shack Study Guide, I had the privilege of writing with Paul Young, which is available nationally in conjunction with the movie edition of The Shack? God has invited us to join Him in amazing ways that we never dreamed of when Sacred Space Ministries started in 2013.  Yes, we will talk about how the study guide developed and how it is impacting many who are on their own healing journey to their Shack in future blogs. When I first wrote the study guide several years ago, I wrote i... Read More
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Power of Mentorship
Recently, I was reading Chip Dodd’s book, The Needs of the Heart, and came upon this simple and powerful truth: “So, this is our first time through life…Of course we are in need of being guided!” We all need guidance. We only live one life and have one chance at the next step. And we’ve never been to the next step that we are headed towards. It is a curious behavior, then, that we act as if we shouldn’t need guidance towards our next step in life. This is the foolishness of the “self-made man.” There is no such thing. Hard workers? Yes. People who have succeeded against all odds? Yes. But these are not self-made individuals. There are certainly people around them, who deserve some credit in ... Read More
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She is going back to Thailand, back to her Shack, the place of her deepest pain, and finding the presence of God there, inviting her, weeping with her, and loving her. In this blog, you will see the power of God's invitation to a wounded, hurting, and confused heart. And, let's be honest, we have all been there multiple times. We hide it though, don't we? Sometimes very well. We hide it behind our busyness, our pride, our intellectualizing . . . , and many times, we hide it behind our religion. We paint an image of God based on our current understanding of Him, but in so doing, we hold Him off at a distance from the places of hurt and pain deep within us. Like Mack's "great sadness" in The Shack, Anna found herself carrying a burde... Read More
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